2010 marks a fundamental change in the way I approach journalism. That it opened with my winning the Child Welfare League of America’s Anna Quindlen Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Behalf of Children and Families punctuated work that I was proud of, but moreover served as a launching pad for a new way of tackling what I think the most important, heartbreaking and hopeful story of our time.

After years of covering foster care and mentoring two young men in the system, I realized that to make lasting and wide ranging change would require a long-term strategy.

That strategy is embodied in Fostering Media Connections: a media-driven, grassroots movement to improve the foster care system. By tapping into sweeping federal reform to foster care, I hope to articulate a simple truth: that while ailing and fractured the foster care system is fixable. And that getting it right for the half million children in care nationwide is not only a moral imperative, but also our fiscal responsibility.  

For more information and ways to get involved please visit the Fostering Media Connections homepage at: www.fosteringmediaconnections.org.

Otherwise, thank you for visiting this collection of my stories.



Daniel Heimpel